Terms and Conditions
In order to ensure that you know exactly what you can expect from us and know what we can expect from you, you will find the general terms and conditions here. The general terms and conditions apply to the relationship between Coinpowerbot and You for any use of the Website and the Software offered by Coinpowerbot.

Article 1. Definitions

In these General Terms and Conditions we mean:

1.1 Coinpowerbot: a private limited company under Dutch law. The company is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce

1.2 User (s): individual private person (s) or legal person who uses the Website or Software. Users are also called “U”.

1.3 Software: the crypto software bot that Coinpowerbot has developed to allow users to automatically / manually deal in crypto-currencies on various crypto currencies exchanges. The software is also called “Coinpowerbot”. This software is available via the website www.coinpowerbot.com and is made for the following types of devices: Iphones, Android, Windows 7 and higher, MacOs 10.1 and higher.

1.4 Signals: information provided by external advisor Coinpower B.V. that scans the crypto market and offers the users signals and trading tactics. Users have the option to configure the Software so that it automatically purchases crypto currencies based on information from Coinpower B.V. Signals.

1.5 Memberarea:

1.6 The Intellectual Property Materials: all strategies, documentation, advice, any type of text, design, functionalities, articles and tools that we develop and / or make available for the purchase of a subscription are protected by intellectual property rights.

Article 2. General, subscription, registration and payment

2.1 These General Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise specified, apply to all agreements we conclude with you, such as the various memberships, subscriptions and separate purchases, insofar as the parties have not deviated from these conditions explicitly and in writing.

2.2 These general conditions are also written for the employees of Coinpowerbot and its management.

2.3 If a situation arises between the parties that is not regulated in these general terms and conditions, then this situation must be submitted to the main manager of Coinpowerbot.

2.4 You need a subscription to use the desired Coinpowerbot Software. Subscriptions are offered for a fixed amount per month or as stated on the website https://www.coinpowerbot.com

2.5 Coinpowerbot offers different subscriptions such as the standard, premium and PRO-bot.

2.6 Each subscription will receive the appropriate Software that can be downloaded via the memberarea, or via the specified download link that you will receive by e-mail. You can find all subscriptions at https://www.coinpowerbot.com

2.7 Users will have access to the Software once the payment has been completed.

2.8 The price of the subscription is not automatically invoiced every month, you have to extend your subscription each month, unless otherwise stated.

2.9 User has no right to withdraw the subscription after receipt on the Website.

2.10 In the case of a free trial period no refund is granted if the User withdraws the subscription.

2.11 To use our Software and services, you declare that you are at least 18 years old.

2.12 You may not use the Software in such a way that you violate Dutch law or other applicable laws and regulations.

2.13 Coinpowerbot has the right to (temporarily or permanently) block your account and deny you access to the Website if we suspect misuse of the account, Website or Software. Coinpowerbot has the right to do this if you do not comply with these conditions, including the terms and policies referred to herein

2.14 As a condition of your use of the Website and the Software, you agree not to provide information, data or content to us or the Website and Software that is inaccurate, inaccurate or incomplete or that is in violation of any law or regulation.

You agree that you will not allow third parties to:
to access non-public areas of the Website and Software
advertisements, advertising brochures, other offers, viruses, trojans, spam or unwanted e-mail to send or offer us.
Explore, scan or test the Website of Software or any other related system or network, or violate a security or authentication;
Investigate, scan or test the Software or any other related system or network, or violate a security or authentication;
Distribute, publish or sell the Software or Software website to third parties.
Try to sell, distribute, copy, rent, sublicense, borrow, merge, reproduce, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, transfer, exchange, translate, hack, distribute, damage or abuse the Website or Software;
Make a derivative work of any kind.
Article 3. Privacy and privacy policy

3.1 Coinpowerbot finds trust very important. We will therefore treat all information you provide to us, during or after the purchase of your service / product, confidentially and with great care. We assume that You will also treat the data, services, access to the Website and Software and information carefully and confidentially at all times. The obligation of confidentiality also continues after termination of the agreement, for whatever reason, for as long as the providing party can reasonably claim the confidential nature of the information.

3.2 Coinpowerbot respects your privacy and adheres to the guidelines in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). When you use our Website and Software, we will collect certain personal information from you. In our Privacy Policy you can read what personal information we collect and for what purposes they are used. The privacy policy can be found here: https: //www.coinpower.com/privacy.

3.3 If you receive personal information or other sensitive information from other users, you will keep this information confidential.

3.4 Coinpowerbot can use cookies to optimize content and reading experience. You can disable the use of cookies at any time by changing your specific browser settings. Third parties may receive some personal information when, for example, you use one of our various payment partners.

3.5 We are not responsible for published content on coinpower.nl, coinpowerbot.com or on other blogs or websites.

3.6 Our privacy policy can be changed without prior notice.

3.7 The advice or other communication of Coinpowerbot is always strictly personal for the user. The user is not entitled to distribute the advice or other communication without obtaining prior permission from Coinpowerbot.

Article 4. Intellectual property

4.1 Coinpowerbot is the exclusive licensee of all intellectual property rights that become unconditional and relate to (all content made available through) the Website and the Software, such as – but not limited to – patents, patent applications, trademarks, trademark applications, database rights, service trademarks, trade names, copyrights, trade secrets, licenses, domain names, professional knowledge, property rights and processes.

4.2 Our Website and Software deserve respect; all strategies, documentation, advice, any type of text, design, functionalities, articles and tools that we develop and / or make available for the purchase of a subscription are protected by intellectual property rights. These intellectual property rights belong to Coinpowerbot, our employees and licensors. You will only obtain a limited right of access, use and display, which is in accordance with the originally stated objectives. These rights granted are granted to you on a non-exclusive basis and are non-transferable.

4.3 All the Website or Software developed and / or made available by Coinpowerbot can only be used for the previously communicated purposes.

Coinpowerbot does not agree if our intellectual property rights are also used for other purposes, without an agreed compensation.

4.4 You are also responsible for any unauthorized use by third parties. If there are questions about authorized or unauthorized use, please do not hesitate to contact us

4.5 Coinpowerbot grants its Users a non-transferable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and revocable license meant for fair use of the Subscription Software on a subscription basis as offered by us at https://www.coinpowerbot.com. You may not access the content of the Website and the Software for other purposes, such as selling or distributing the content of the Website and Software.

4.6 The Software, the Website and all information or materials included in it, or which we make available to You are and will remain Our property or that of Our service providers). In addition:

4.6.1. all copyrights, trademarks, design rights and other intellectual property rights in those Intellectual Property Materials are and will remain Our property (or those of third parties whose intellectual property We use in relation to products and services we provide for Your Account);

4.6.2. You may not provide the Intellectual Property Materials in whole or in part to others or grant access to others and You may not make a full or partial copy thereof;

4.6.3. You may use the Intellectual Property Materials only for operating Your Account in accordance with the Terms;

4.7 We will do our utmost to ensure the quality of the Website and the Software, and that the Website and Software are normally accessible for use in accordance with the Terms. However:

4.7.1. We do not guarantee that they are always accessible or usable;

4.7.2. We do not guarantee that access to the Website and Software is unhindered or error-free;

4.7.3. We have the right to suspend access and use (with or without notice) for all good reasons including performing maintenance, repair, upgrades or development (although We will endeavor to inform You in advance);

4.7.4. We are not liable for losses that result if access is prevented or interrupted due to an Event Outside our Influence and / or for maintenance, repair, upgrades or development; or

4.7.5. Technical or communication problems occur.

4.8 We will do our utmost to protect our Website and Software and keep it free of viruses, but We do not guarantee that this will be the case. In that case you should use your own antivirus software.

4.9 With regard to data that we make available to You, you warrant that:

4.9.1 You will not distribute, republish or otherwise provide third parties, in any way whatsoever;

4.9.2 The above guarantees will be deemed to be repeated every time You access the above mentioned data.

4.9.3 With regard to market data or other information that we or other third party service providers provide to You in connection with Your use of electronic commerce services,

(a) we and such suppliers are not responsible or liable if such data or information is inaccurate or incomplete in any way;

(b) We and such suppliers are not responsible or liable for actions You undertake or omit based on such data or information;

(c) You will only use such data or information for the purposes as described in this Agreement;

(d) such data or information is the property of us or such suppliers and You shall not resend, distribute, publish, disclose or display such data or information to third parties in whole or in part.

Article 5. Availability of the Website and Software and rejection of guarantees.

5.1 The Website and Software are available on computers and smarthphones with iOS and Android. Coinpowerbot will make its best efforts to make the Website and the Software available at all times.

5.2 The user is aware that the Website and Software are offered via internet and mobile networks, and that the quality and availability of the website and software such as the communication between the server and the bot, the bot and the exchange, the cloud and the exchange, etc. may be affected by external and internal factors beyond the reasonable control of Coinpowerbot.

5.3 Coinpowerbot is not responsible for any downtime as a result of these actions. The term down means when a website can not be reached temporarily, due to maintenance or other reasons.

5.4 Coinpowerbot does not accept any responsibility for the unavailability of the Website and Software, or for problems or the inability to download or access content, or any other communication system.

5.4 Coinpowerbot accepts no responsibility for the unavailability of the Website and Software, or for problems or the inability to download or access content, or any other communication system failure that may cause the Website or Software to be unavailable or dysfunction.

5.5 Coinpowerbot is not responsible for any support or maintenance related to the Website or Software. Coinpowerbot may update, modify or modify the Website or Software and their functionalities from time to time in order to improve the user experience.

5.6 To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Coinpowerbot hereby declares all implied warranties with respect to the availability of the Website and the Software. The website and software are delivered “as is” and “as available” without any form of warranty.

Article 6 – Helpdesk, advice and disclaimer

6.1 Coinpowerbot has a helpdesk where the user can ask questions about the Website and Software. Coinpowerbot only gives advice about the functioning of the Website and the Software.

6.2 Coinpowerbot does not give personal advice on the recommended settings for the bot and generally does not provide personal advice to the users.

6.3 Coinpowerbot can place general video material and tutorial material on the website and social media about the functioning of the Software.

6.4 Information from Coinpowerbot and its material is for informational purposes only and can not be regarded as legal or financial advice.

6.5 All tutorials videos and templates uploaded by Coinpowerbot are general and do not contain any personal financial advice. All use of the content placed by us is at the risk of the user.

6.6 The user can connect his bot to the signals from Coinpower. Signals are not supplied by Coinpowerbot itself, but are supplied by Coinpower BV. All use of the signals from Coinpower BV is at the user’s own risk.

6.7 We advise you to consult a lawyer or financial adviser to determine what is probably best for your individual needs.

6.8 Coinpowerbot and its members make no guarantee or promise with regard to possible results as a result of the use of our content.

6.9 We do not advise anyone to make an investment decision without first consulting his or her own financial adviser and carrying out his or her own research.

6.10 Although Coinpowerbot has an obligation to assess the suitability of our products and services, we have no obligation to monitor Your signals / orders / transactions, nor to advise you on the suitability of each individual transaction you place.

Article 7 – Liability and limitation of liability

7.1 If User is liable, then this liability is limited to what is regulated in this provision.

7.2 If Coinpowerbot is liable for any damage, the liability of Coinpowerbot is limited to a maximum of once the invoice value of your subscription / product, at least to that part of the order to which the liability relates.

7.3 Who invests money takes a financial risk. However much we believe in the blockchain market, returns can always be higher or lower. Inherent to the explosive growth of the blockchain market is a high degree of volatility. Very violent movements are inevitable. Investments will lead to both big profits and big losses.

7.4 Results achieved in the past do not guarantee the future!

7.5 We are not liable for losses that occur by applying analyzes or signals. By using our service you agree to the Terms and Conditions and future revisions.

7.6 Important notice: the signals from Coinpower B.V. are not given from a so-called pump and dump vision. All recommendations and analyzes come from neutral points of view. Content that contradicts this will also be removed.

7.7 By using Coinpower.nl or coinpowerbot, you agree to:

7.7.1. You are responsible for your own decisions and investments that you make.

7.7.2. Coinpowerbot and Coinpower BV can not be accused of your actions.

7.7.3. Coinpowerbot and Coinpower B.V. can not be held liable for any losses.

7.7.4. Coinpowerbot and Coinpower B.V. can not compensate any losses.

7.8 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit the liability of Coinpowerbot for:

7.8.1 Negligence or intentional omission;

7.8.2 Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;

7.8.3 Death or Personal Injury;

7.9 Coinpowerbot does not accept any liability for the consequences of investments undertaken on the basis of all our services or services of third parties. We also accept no liability for any losses incurred as a result of the use of signals or data provided by Coinpower B.V or Coinpowerbot.

7.10 As a customer you are always ultimately responsible for your portfolio and the use of the information provided by us.

Article 8. Regulations

8.1 To use our Software and services, you declare that you are at least 18 years old.

8.2 You may not use the Software in such a way that you violate Dutch law or other applicable laws and regulations.

8.3 This agreement is arranged in accordance with the laws that apply in the Netherlands.

Article 9. Legal disputes

9.1 Legal disputes must be resolved by a court in the Netherlands.

9.2 Conditions are constantly updated.

Article 10. Complaints and disputes

You must submit your complaint to us as soon as possible. All complaints or disputes must first be referred to the Customer Service. If the dispute is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can refer the matter to our Head Manager.

Article 11. Warnings

11.1 Acting in cryptocurrencies involves a great risk.

11.2 Profits and losses can exceed your initial investment many times. Losses can be unlimited, depending on the product you trade in and the prevailing market conditions of the moment. Technical Analyzes are forms of speculation with a high risk. You only need to place transactions if you want to accept this risk level and if you decide that it fits your investment objectives.

11.3 It is possible to control and reduce risks by using Stop Loss on your open positions. All open transactions are accompanied by a Stop Loss Order as standard. With a Stop Loss Order you can specify the point at which you want to take your loss.

11.4 Nevertheless, you must always ensure that you understand the level of risk involved in dealing with cryptocurrencies and that you are prepared to take this risk. Keep in mind that in a declining market, most sell orders are not bought up, so they pile up on the order book.

11.5 Risk warning / Risk declaration: this can be found in the documentation section that is available on our website. You should read this. If any part of the Terms and Conditions or the Risk Warning / Risk Declaration is unclear or if you do not understand any parts of it, we strongly recommend that you contact Us before You agree.

11.6 Whether or not to enter into signals is Your decision.

11.7 Coinpowerbot offers no advice and will not give advice on advantages or disadvantages of acting in cryptocurrencies.

11.8 You are solely responsible for decisions to place orders / transactions, not We, and You are responsible for the effect that a bear market or bull market may have on open positions.

11.9 Consult Coinpower B.V. its Implementation Policy for signals on their website for information on how they determine their signals and carry out transactions and orders.

11.10 All your activity on Your account is Your responsibility and You must carefully monitor all Your transactions and activities

11.11 You should not place any transactions unless you understand the characteristics and risks associated with the type of order you wish to place. In addition, you are responsible for ensuring that you understand the following:

All risks and how potential losses can accumulate;
Orders: how to place an order and how orders are monitored and executed;
Profits and Losses: to calculate profits and losses;

11.12 If you terminate your subscription, you must comply with your open orders.

11.13 There may be cases where it is not possible to determine a price for a Market, so that you remain in an open position. For example due to internal system errors or those of a third party, or due to an Event Outside our Control. All profits / losses that can follow from this are for your own responsibility.

11.14 You can only call Customer Services to place open orders that close an existing position in cases where the software is unavailable (due to an unforeseen failure of the Platform). In such cases, you will be connected to the Coinpowerbot trade desk where you will only be allowed for assistance in closing open positions. Note that in these circumstances it will not be possible to open new positions via signals.

11.15 Refer to the Risk Warning / Risk Declaration for more information.

Article 12. Tax law

12.1 Notwithstanding, Coinpowerbot will not provide you with tax advice. It is your responsibility to seek your own tax advice for all taxes that may be due in respect of Your profits and losses from trading on (“Exchanges”).

12.2 Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and according to your tax jurisdiction.

2.19 Tax treatment may be subject to changes in the future.

Article 14. The trading platform

14.1 If you want to place a buy order via our Software, you need your account number and / or username and password, license and API KEYS of your desired exchange. For security reasons, we do not accept API Keys with withdrawal function, which you must disable at all times.

14.2 We will not monitor or observe assumptions regarding the effect of signals on your total Open Positions at Coinpowerbot.

14.2 A signal and / or Order can be placed regardless of whether it creates a new Open Position or closes an existing Open Position.

Article 15 – Offers and offers

15.1 All quotations and offers from Coinpowerbot are free of obligation, unless a deadline for acceptance has been set in the offer. If no acceptance period has been set, no rights can be derived from the quotation or offer in any way if the product to which the quotation or offer relates is no longer available in the meantime.

15.2 Coinpowerbot can not be held to its quotes or offers if the user can reasonably understand that the quotations or offers, or any part thereof, contain an obvious mistake or error.

15.3 If the acceptance (whether or not on minor points) deviates from the offer included in the quotation or offer, Coinpowerbot is not bound by it. The agreement will then not be concluded in accordance with this deviating acceptance, unless Coinpowerbot indicates otherwise.

15.4 Offers or quotations do not automatically apply to future orders.

Article 16. Force majeure

16.1 Coinpowerbot is not obliged to fulfill any obligation towards the user if he is prevented from doing so as a result of a circumstance that is not due to fault, and is not at his expense pursuant to the law, a legal act or generally accepted beliefs. .

16.2. Force majeure means in these general terms and conditions, in addition to what is understood in the law and jurisprudence, all external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, which Coinpowerbot can not exert influence on, but which makes Coinpowerbot unable to meet its obligations. . Strikes in the company of Coinpowerbot or of third parties included. Coinpowerbot also has the right to invoke force majeure if the circumstance which prevents (further) performance of the agreement occurs after Coinpowerbot had to fulfill its obligation.

16.3 Coinpowerbot may suspend the obligations under the agreement during the period that the force majeure continues. If this period lasts longer than two months, then each of the parties is entitled to dissolve the agreement without any obligation to compensate the other party for damage.

Article 17. Other

17.1 You are responsible for ensuring that the information provided to us when you take out the Subscription is correct. If you receive a different number or e-mail address, you will notify us in good time so that we have the correct information to contact you by telephone or e-mail.

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