Introducing Coinpowerbot

The best automated cryptocurrency trading bot

Trade cryptocurrencies automatically, 24/7. Get signals of Coinpower or Set up your own Signals. Coinpowerbot is a powerful companion that trades for you. CoinpowerBot is Available For All Platforms.

How to use Coinpowerbot

To use the service, you will have to buy a license for using Coinpowerbot. You can pay in BTC either in different payment options. We are offering three different licenses: Standard bot, Premium bot and the PRO bot.

We want our users to enjoy life while our coinpowerbot takes care of the trading.


Every Backtest what we have runned is documented.


Set up your own configurations to maximize profits

Clean code

We’ve intergrated one of the highest forms of security


Take your Coinpowerbot with you everywhere you go

Fast & Easy work

Your coinpowerbot runs on your device 24/7. We have made an IOS,Android,Mac and Windows version of the bot.


Whether your eating or sleeping , your coinpowerbot will be trading. Be a trading expert by simply kicking back and let your Coinpowerbot handle it all.

Create result

Take full advantage of the market with our implemented growing stop loss! This feature allows you to sell at profit even when the market is going down

Complete Cloud Based

Your Coinpowerbot runs in the cloud 24/7. We want our users to enjoy life while our bot takes care of the trading.

World-Class Productivity

We are the first and only automated crypto trading bot to integrate professional external signals from Coinpower. When configured, your bot will automatically buy and sell the coins coinpower provide signals for. Check performance reports to see how accurate they have been to maximize your chances of profits. Try out our free signal group on telegram to see

IOS & Android Bot

We have made an IOS and Android version of the bot. We want our users to enjoy life while our Coinpowerbot takes care of the trading.In this way we make it easy for you to trade!

Flawless Collaboration

Coinpowerbot trades on your behalf, on your chosen exchange. So, none of your coins are actually stored on Coinpower. This way, safety is maximized for our users. Get our signals directly to your bot , auto trade , trade manualy have the benefits of using trail stoploss and set up sell targets.

Windows bot

Smooth user interface

  • User friendly
  • Easy to learn
  • Multiple functionalities
  • Automated cryptocurreny trading platform

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We have programmed something wonderful, purely for your convenience!